Other Services Offered

  • Floating Piers
  • Underwater Drilling and Torching
  • Gangways
  • Diving Services
  • Barge Rental
  • Work Boat Rental
  • Permit Services

Towing and Salvage

T.Allen Marine has licenced captains and the proper insurance to tow your vessel. We offer towing and salvage throughout the year.

Boat Lifts

We have a wide variety of boat lift options, from 1500lb jet ski lifts to 40,000lb boat lifts. We install options such as remote control with auto stop, which gives you a handheld remote. We set the boat lift to pre-determined low and high elevation. This prevents the lift from going too high or too low (unwinding your cables). Also, we offer the E-gear option, which is a more compact motor unit, whichtakes up less space on a tight pier.

Custom aluminum boat lifts are available as well. Although they cost a few dollars more, these lifts are custom made to your needs --- and your dock's. Please call for details!


T.Allen Marine has been contracted to perform several dredging projects with different responsiblies. We have had experience with county maintanace dredging, as well as residential and commercial.

If you are considering dredging, prepare now; the permit process is lengthy.


T.Allen Marine builds and installs a variety of wood, vinyl and steel material. Depending on the height, a bulkhead can be a major structural endeavor. Proper construction methods are very important.

If not done properly bulkheads can be a financial nightmare to fix.

Living Shorelines

Living shorelines are a good balance between nature and structure, good for marsh areas with little to no wave action. These small estuaries use native plants, sand and other natural materials.

Living shorlines usually cost more in material and labor cost. In order to preserve the shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay, the state is trying to encourage the use of living shorelines by offering special grants and finacing programs.

Call for details: (410) 643-5935.

Stone Revetment

If you don’t have a pre-existing vertical bulkhead, then stone is one of your options.

Stone is durable, and very effective combating erosion.

T.Allen Marine installs three different classes of stone. Class three; good for small creeks with low wave action. Stones vary from 7”-14.” Class two; good for medium wave action. Stone sizes vary from 12’-20.” Class one is used in high wave action and bayfront projects. Stones vary from 16’ to 48.”

Pile Driving

We offer all types of pile driving, including wood, steeel and vinyl. When choosing a marine contractor, it is key to make sure the right equipment is being used. There are basically three different types of soil bottoms; muck and silt, sand, variety type of clay and sometimes a combination of all three.

T.Allen Marine has invested in the best equipment to make sure your waterfront property stays in place. Remember, your pier or bulkhead is not covered by your insurance company. Therefore, make sure your newley built pier or bulkhead is installed properly.